Hi, I’m Wynne Thornley!

I will be your teacher and guide.

I was guided to create The Dark Arts School House specifically for the independent intuitive, and empath because I am one!

Many people are taught the basics of energy work and intuitive development, but this is usually in short weekend courses, with little to no support afterward. This gives little opportunity of how to build a personal practice that sticks.

I opened The Dark Arts School House to offer comprehensive online learning opportunities for the empath and psychic. Learn at your own pace and become more comfortable embodying your gifts. You will even begin to view them as your super power. My evergreen courses offer many layers of teachings at once, allowing you to go deeper into your personal and intuitive development with greater ease, grace and confidence. My auxiliary courses will "fill in the holes" and allow you to explore a lot of tools and techniques used by the pro's.

All enrolled empathic, psychic seekers also have the option to join my private supportive community group where you can join the conversation.

I look forward to seeing you bumming around the virtual halls!

Certified and Extensively Trained:

Master Channeller + Akashic Records Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher, Alchemical + Karmic Reiki

Here is what others have said about their experience with Wynne's course content and teaching style

My experience with Wynne as a teacher has always kept me coming back for more!

She is friendly, non-judgmental and a true fountain of knowledge. Her follow through and course text books help improve your skills long after course completion.

I have been practicing reiki for over 5 years now. Crystals, faeries, animals and angels are a big part of the energy that I welcome in my space. Wynne's courses have given me the confidence to work with clients in spreading the healing gift that lies within us all.

Shannon Levenne - Reiki Master, Reflexologist -Lynn Valley, Alberta

The Healing Shack, Owner

I am excited about any course or experience that Wynne has to offer as I know you will get so much out of it as I have done!!!

I started working with Wynne in the fall of 2019. I was one of her students for her Reiki Plus program. I call it Reiki Plus because she adds so much more so you can understand concepts.

She is now my mentor and I appreciate all she does for her students.

She is so studious and makes sure what she is teaching is right on and researches everything .

She has a calm demeanor and a very soothing presence.

Wynne cares about her students and goes out of her way to make sure you understand what she is teaching.

Sandra Killaby - Death Doula, Angelic Reiki Practitioner -

Sundre, Alberta

What can I say about Wynne and The Dark Arts School House? I can say this.; You will never find courses as in depth as the ones Wynne builds.

They will take you from dabbling to a master if you put in the work. They also take Masters to beyond what they could even imagine. I have been fortunate enough to have been a Reiki, Card Reading, Akashic Records , Angels and Ancestral Healing student of Wynne's. It blows me away when I encounter others who have taken similar courses through others and they say 'That was not taught to me.'

I cannot thank Wynne enough for helping me stand in my power and trust it. If you want to become the best then I hope you will invest in Wynne's courses at the Dark Arts School House. I am forever grateful

Liana Dament - CLC, Divorce Confidence Coach -

Mountain View County, Alberta

I knew from our first conversation that Wynne was my teacher!

I have been working with Wynne for the last year and a half, studying reiki and advancing my intuitive gifts. Such a beautiful person!

Wynne is so thorough, knowledgeable and extremely gifted! Her course content is like no other I’ve found- in depth, easy to follow and truly teaches the beauty of becoming a healer.

If you’re considering working with Wynne on any level, you will not regret your decision! Her character and her level of support truly exemplifies her desire to help those succeed!

Allison Gerber - Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Medium - Edmonton, Alberta

I will be forever grateful I met Wynne that one Wednesday on a whim... because of her my journey of healing & helping others was created!

I had the pleasure of coaching with Wynne for nearly 2 full years!!! The level in which she was able to take me to in my awareness & energetic abilities was simply life changing! She poured more into me then any other coach I had had to date! She was compassionate, understanding, edgy, fierce & held all the space for me that I required & encouraged me weekly to do the work to get to where I am today!

Sarah McLean - Coach and Leader - Lacombe, Alberta