Many people are sensitive to the synthetic chemicals that make up many commercial cleaning products. Especially empaths, psychics, and mediums. Synthetic chemicals create poor quality air conditions, potential allergic reactions and can be toxic to our most vulnerable family members; our children and pets.

Did you know replacing these products is simple and cost effective? You may even have some of the ingredients you require for the recipes I offer in your pantry, under your sink and in your medicine cabinet already. Making the switch to DIY products even easier!

In this short, but comprehensive, online course you will learn what synthetic chemicals to avoid, how they impact your health, and how to make the switch to a more natural approach that your whole family will benefit from. You will quickly notice the positive effects this will have on you, and your whole families, physical and energetic health.

Hi, I’m Wynne Thornley! I will be your teacher and guide.

Through the course of learning reiki and mediumship, I found I became more and more sensitive to commercial cleaning products.

This took me deep into the realm of DIY cleaning and body products. I am a now a life long student of clinical aromatherapy, which has given me invaluable knowledge to put toward my bath and body care products.

Through trial, error and formal learning I have learned how to use items such as vinegar, baking soda and essential oils to create an effective cleaning routine that is safe for the air you and your family breaths.

Thank you for considering this supplementary course I have within my larger curriculum of The Dark Arts School House.

Certified and Extensively Trained:

Master Channeller + Akashic Records Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher, Alchemical + Karmic Reiki

DIY Cleaning Products
Citrus Fruits, Salts and Vinegar

Look at these simple ingredients in a new light. Gentle, yet powerful when used in the kitchen and bathroom.

DIY Cleaning Products
The Power of Essential Oils

A little goes a long way! Learn about the best, and most cost effective, essential oils you can use to boost your DIY cleaning products.

Inexpensive and Easily Accessible

All my recipes are tried and true! They also contain easy to find ingredients that are cost effective.

I knew from our first conversation that Wynne was my teacher!

I have been working with Wynne for the last year and a half, studying reiki and advancing my intuitive gifts. Such a beautiful person!

Wynne is so thorough, knowledgeable and extremely gifted! Her course content is like no other I’ve found- in depth, easy to follow and truly teaches the beauty of becoming a healer.

If you’re considering working with Wynne on any level, you will not regret your decision! Her character and her level of support truly exemplifies her desire to help those succeed!

Allison Gerber - Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Medium - Edmonton, Alberta

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Clean Up Under Your Sink and Raise the Vibration of Your Home

Everything you need to know to switch to naturally based cleaning products

After enrolling, you will have access to the whole course content right away. You will be able to return to this video and PDF content whenever you like for years to come.

Enjoy creating your own cleaning products for the bath, kitchen and home with this easy guide. Know this shift will enhance not only your health, but also your whole families, including your pets.