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Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation

Do you know what kind of sensitive you are? There are many words thrown around in the channelling arts: Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Empath. But what is the difference?

In this free sampler, you will explore what those words really mean, and where you are at in your psychic development right now.

I have given you the first weeks module from my 26 week flagship course; Empathic Mediumship, The Foundation. This free sampler includes one video lecture, a PDF cheat sheet and a Bonus Meditation you can use daily to begin minding your energy right away!

Sample the First Week of Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation

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Wynne Thornley | Esoteric Teacher and Podcast Host

Hello! I am Wynne Thornley.

I will be your teacher and guide.

I wanted to give you a taste of what you will be experiencing within my flagship course Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation. I am happy to offer the first weeks module as a free mini course for you to explore.

I even included a bonus meditation I believe everyone should be using daily to set up their energy for the day. Completing this quick meditation each morning can create a huge impact in attracting more positivity into your life. I know, because I include this in my self care.

Welcome! I know you will enjoy this taste of what is to come!

Certified and Extensively Trained

Master Channeller + Akashic Records Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher | Alchemical + Karmic Reiki

'What can I say about Wynne and The Dark Arts School House? I can say this.; You will never find courses as in depth as the ones Wynne builds.

They will take you from dabbling to a master if you put in the work. They also take Masters to beyond what they could even imagine. I have been fortunate enough to have been a Reiki, Card Reading, Akashic Records, Angels and Ancestral Healing student of Wynne's. It blows me away when I encounter others who have taken similar courses through others and they say 'That was not taught to me.'

I cannot thank Wynne enough for helping me stand in my power and trust it. If you want to become the best then I hope you will invest in Wynne's courses at the Dark Arts School House. I am forever grateful"

Liana Dament | CLC, Divorce Confidence Coach

Mountain View County, Alberta

Liana Dament | CLC, Divorce Confidence Coach

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Just a Taste - Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation | What is Mediumship and Empathic Nature

Explore what kind of sensitive you are: Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Empath

This is a free sample of my flagship course; Empathic Mediumship - The Foundation. You will be able to sample the first week of this comprehensive course; Mini sampler includes one video lecture, PDF cheat sheet, and Bonus Meditation. Take a peek into what the full 6 month course will offer you!